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Your Key Comments: What You Said About Chelsea Handler Attacking Angelina Jolie!

Mon, December 6, 2010 7:21pm EDT by 23 Comments
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Getty Images readers sure are passionate about Jen and Angie!

After Chelsea Handler verbally attacked homewrecker Angelina Jolie by calling her “”, a “homewrecker” and a “c..t” we had to ask… did she go to far in defense of her BFF Jen Aniston? And you readers certainly had opinions!!!! Check out our top 5 comments about Chelsea Handler, Jen Aniston and Angelina Jolie!

  • So sick of Haters: I am so sick of the haters on Angelina Jolie. People get a grip. She lost her husband cause she put herself first before her marriage. IN CASE ANYONE FOREGOT, Brad left because he wanted kids and his wife didn’t at the time, cause she was so popular she didn’t want to interrupt her career. I don’t know where you were but I remember brad saying he was ready for babies and jen said not right now her career was her top prize at the moment. SO DON’T BE MAD THAT HE LEFT FOR A WOMAN WHO WAS DOING IT ALL!! YOU don’t have to like it but don’t change the FACTS SO YOU CAN SAY MEAN THINGS ABOUT SOMEBODY!!! NO ONE CAN TAKE A PARTNER FROM YOU IF THEY ARE COMMITTED TO YOU SO REMEMBER THAT THE NEXT TIME YOU THINK ABOUT THESE PEOPLE!!!1 CAUSE THEIR ARE STARS OUT THERE THAT have been together for a long time and no one has been able to break them up cause they want to be together, so they don’t let others get between them. THE END
    • Goldfish: “Ah – come on- After 5 years they’re after Angelina again? Don’t they have something else to talk about? Why can’t Jen not grow up and go on with her life… Ok it sucks to lose your man to Angelina- but people have to accept that they are a family- they have 6! children together- how pathetic is it to howl after a man who left you 5 years ago and lash out against a woman who took the chance to get her man (ok it’s not nice to be one reason why a marriage is failing) – BUT every coin has it’s two sides! Jen must have given Brad some reasons why he left her so “easily”…”
    • FD: “It’s obvious that Jen still talks about it to people. Chelsea probably asked Jen about it at her 40th and as they got closer, they talked more about it. I’m SURE if Chelsea also talked to Angelina she would have heard that Brad wanted kids and Jen didn’t. The only reason why Brad married Jennifer was because she was a popular actress at the time and she said in an interview, “I want kids. I want to be a young mom.” Brad’s dream come true! Only, Brad should have sued Jen for fraud. She didn’t want to be a mom. She probably only said it because she was blabbing off at the mouth. She will never be a mom. She is too obsessed with herself and her career to ever do it. Brad saw that in her and ta-da! Left her for a woman who really wanted it. Case.closed.”
    • Pathetic: “Chloe, Chelsea, and Jen are all PATHETIC. Jen has been divorced for 5 YEARS, and these chicks are still dwelling on it. There were no kids, and Jen says she’s “so over” the triangle so why can’t her and her cronies move on. Chelsea used to make fun of Jen and Angelina equally, then Chelsea went to Jen’s 40 birthday and that stopped, and her jokes about Angelina became mean spirited or just straight up angry statements.
      Yeah, and Angelina was involved with all her humanitarian issues well before Brad,so Chelsea can think what she wants, but she’ talking out of her a**.”
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