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Mariah Carey Tells Hubby Nick Cannon To Grow Up Because He's Going To Be A Daddy!

Fri, November 26, 2010 8:30am EDT by 1 Comment

Mom-to-be Mariah Carey is laying down the law when it comes to her husband Nick Cannon going out with his guy friends. She even put him on a budget! “She’s scrutinizing his every move and acting like a drill sergeant,” says a source.

As Mariah Carey anxiously awaits the birth of her first child next spring with Nick Cannon, she can’t help but worry that her younger husband isn’t quite ready for fatherhood. So the 41-year-old is tightening the reins and putting an end to Nick’s extravagant spending and boys’ nights out. “She’s putting him on a budget and restricting the time he’s allowed to spend with his pals,” a source tells the National Enquirer. Do you think she’s doing the right thing?

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Since she’s not working as much, mom-to-be Mariah has more time to focus on the America’s Got Talent host’s behavior. “Mariah sat Nick down and hammered home the point that with a baby coming he needed to make some big changes,” the source tells the tabloid. “She’s always been a control freak with Nick, but now she’s scrutinizing his every move and acting like a drill sergeant.” That includes putting him on a budget — she’s restricted their joint credit cards to a $1,000 limit — and banning him from going out with the boys more than two nights a week. “He’s a big spender and he grabs for checks when he’s out with his buddies. Mariah told him that’s got to stop.”

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The source says that Nick, 30, is not pleased about the new “rules” but “he’s letting her have her way and chalking it up to her pregnancy.” Sure, Mariah’s a diva, but I am on her side on this one. A baby is a big, expensive responsibility, so it never hurts to start saving now, am I right, HollyMoms? Then again, Nick is proving he’s a good husband by running out in the middle of the night to get her McDonald’s cheeseburgers, so maybe she should cut him some slack.

–Amy L. Harper

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