Taylor Swift Claims It’s ‘Too Late To Apologize!’ To Whom Was She Singing? VIDEO

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The repeat AMA winner surprised the audience by throwing “Apologize” at the end of her performance. Why the added number?

We already covered who Taylor Swift was singing to at the CMA Awards when she performed a haunting version of “Back to December.” However, when she chose to sing it again at the AMAs Nov. 21, we figured it was another public apology to Taylor Lautner. Until the end…

After a couple verses of “Back to December,” Taylor — who was rocking some fierce straight hair and bangs — pushed herself away from the piano and strode center stage before singing the chorus to One Rebublic’s mega hit “Apologize.” Interestingly enough, she changed the lyrics a bit to He said it’s too late to apologize/it’s too late.

Did Swifty sing the Twilight hunk’s reaction to “Back to December?” Taylor, 20, has been very open about the meaning behind the song, calling it an apology to someone whose heart she broke — and we always wondered what Lautner thought of it.

Was the mash-up our answer? It could be we finally got Taylor Lautner’s thoughts on the apology song, and he told his ex-gal it was “too late.” However, the addition of the One Republic cover could have also been Swift’s assumption of how he feels — or she could have just mashed those songs together because she liked the way they sounded, and they were along the same theme of regret and heartbreak.

That said, it’s much more fun to speculate something deeper, isn’t it? Watch the video and decide for yourself!

–Jenna Mullins

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