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Christina Aguilera And Pink Talk Future Play Dates: 'What If Your Kid Punches My Kid?'

Sat, November 20, 2010 9:00am EDT by Add first Comment

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Christina Aguilera and Pink ran into each other yesterday on Ryan Seacrest’s morning radio show and the two got to talking about pregnancy, morning sickness and play dates for their kids!

Mommy advice from one pop star to another! Pink bumped into Christina Aguilera yesterday (Nov. 19), after they were both scheduled to be interviewed by Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show, and the two got blabbing about babies! “Congratulations! I just heard the amazing news,” Christina, 29, told Pink. “I’m so happy for you. Join the club.” “I feel like I really am joining a club,” Pink, 31, replied. Christina threw the idea out there that the two should plan some future play dates between her son Max, 2, and Pink’s baby –who’s predicted to be a girl! But Pink was a little skeptical — she thinks her baby’s going to be a handful!

Pink is worried about how her dog Bubba will react to the new baby!

“We have to have play dates,” Christina said, which led Pink to chuckle at the suggestion — making things a bit awkward. But she explained that it wasn’t personal, “The reason I laughed is I was with these two girls last night who used to be best friends until their kids started fighting,” Pink explained. “It’s pretty funny what that does to people.”

Christina agreed that friends can cross personal boundaries, saying, “Don’t discipline my kid, thanks.” Pink, with her spanking kids philosophy, asked Christina, “What if your kid punches my kid? Then what happens?” Christina answered,”Yeah, really messed up. And the moms start battling it out!”

Christina talks about raising Max as a single mom

But, that’s not all the single mom and mom-to-be discussed. Of course Christina had to ask Pink, who’s just gotten through her first trimester, about morning sickness! “How are you feeling? Do you have morning sickness?”

“No, unfortunately,” Pink said, as if it is a bad thing, “I feel like if I had morning sickness I would have lost some weight. But I’ve kept everything down.” Christina responded, “You’re eating for two now – use it while you can, right?”

Christina says Max comes first!

We can’t wait to see if the play date really happens! Who knows maybe Max will fall in love with Pink’s little girl!

–Leigh Blickley

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