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Kirstin Says: Callie The Lesbian Hooks Up With McSteamy & Dr. Bailey Gets Wasted On 'Grey's Anatomy!'

Fri, November 19, 2010 2:56am EDT by 9 Comments

Courtesy of ABC

Dr. Bailey turned into a lush, Cristina started bar tending and Callie and Mark had sex…what’s going on?!

I had to remind myself I wasn’t watching an episode Jersey Shore or 90210 during the Nov. 18 episode of Grey’s Anatomy — and that’s a good thing! After weeks upon weeks of emotionally draining story lines, it was a relief to have an episode filled with comedic relief. Of course, that didn’t mean we were completely off the hook. There were still plenty of serious underlying issues, as is the case every week at Seattle Grace Mercy West! Here were my favorite moments of this wacky episode:

  • Watching the attendees get trashed out of their minds was refreshing after a season filled with PTSD. For me, Dr. Bailey (Chandra Wilson) was the highlight. Here were some of her gems:
    Bailey: “We all need love.” [To the vending machine:] “Why won’t this thing take my money?”
    April (Sarah Drew): “Dr. Bailey, are you drunk?”
    Bailey: “Tipsy. Tipsy. “
    Later, she lectures April about staying a virgin as long as possible, saying, “I’m Bailey, I know everything. Alex Karev is not the boy you want to take your maiden voyage with. You wait. You keep your knees together.” Ha!
  • Cristina (Sandra Oh) is a bartender?! It’s like watching a Saturday Night Live skit watching her mix shots. She has no concept of the dollar and tries to give everyone free drinks. While it’s nice to see her “having fun,” it’s hard not to take pity on her. Watching her puke in the toilet, while Owen (Kevin McKidd ) holds her hair, was heartbreaking.
  • Callie is a mess with Arizona in Africa. Mark (Eric Dane ) suggests she needs a “sexual palette cleanser.” Or as Dr. Bailey put it, a“ sexual sorbet.” What does that even mean?
  • As it turns out, “sexual sorbet” means having sex with a guy, even though you’re a lesbian. Callie threw herself at Mark when they got home, leaving me confused. Very, very confused.
  • The residents are working the night shift, which means they have to sleep all day and work at night. They are messes and it’s fantastic! It reminds me of how I looked during finals week in undergrad.
  • Side note: Derek (Patrick Dempsey) feels like he has to be Cristina’s bodyguard ever since she saved his life. Although it’s sweet, it’s overkill.
  • Did you love tonight’s hysterical episode — or did it make you uncomfortable watching Cristina give a stranger a lap dance, Dr. Bailey ramble on about sex and Callie hook up with a guy?


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