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Can You Believe That A Mother Would Give Her 2-Year-Old Marijuana — And Film It?

Thu, November 18, 2010 3:15pm EDT by Add first Comment

Prepare to be outraged, HollyMoms! Ohio native Jessica Gamble, thought it would be funny to videotape her 2-year-old daughter smoking a joint. She’s not laughing now that she’s facing up to six years in jail for corrupting a minor and tampering with evidence.

Jessica Gamble is definitely one of the worst moms on the planet! The 21-year-old pleaded guilty today (Nov. 18) in a Cincinnati court to corruption of a minor and tampering with evidence after she used a cell phone to film her 2-year-old daughter smoking marijuana. In August, the Ohio mother showed the video to her friends, who were so horrified that one of them forwarded it to a county social service worker. “It’s beyond disgusting,” said prosecutor Joe Deters.

On the video, Gamble can be seen telling her daughter not to blow on the joint. After the little girl takes a few more puffs, her mother laughingly asks “What is that?” and then Gamble grabs the child’s hand that is holding the joint.

According to Deters, the girl knew how to smoke because she’d done it before! I’m beyond disturbed. Most parents stay up at night worrying that their kids will get in to drugs, and this lady didn’t think twice about getting her little girl high.

She faces up to six years in jail – five for deleting the video on her phone (once she realized she was being investigated) and 18 months for giving her toddler the illegal substance, when she’s sentenced on December 16.

Frankly, I think she deserves to spend a lot more time behind bars than six years. Do you agree?

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Even worse, the tot is currently in the custody of relatives, but will probably be reunited with her mother, according to a Jobs & Family Services worker. How is that possible? At least the presiding judge was smart enough not to let Gamble out of jail before her sentencing. She’s currently being held without bond and has been ordered to undergo a mental health evaluation.

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“It is disturbing to think that a parent would provide their 2-year-old child with marijuana,” says Deters about the video. I couldn’t agree with him more. Gamble’s attorney, James Hartke, told the court that his client suffers from mental illness and learning disorders. So, then why on earth did she have custody of this kid? And where’s the father? My heart breaks for this little lady – she was clearly born into a really messed up family.

–Amy L. Harper

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