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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: Should You Wait To Get Engaged Like Kate & William Or Rush Like Jessica & Eric?

Tue, November 16, 2010 9:24am EDT by 4 Comments
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Getty Images (2)

IS there a right time to get engaged? Jessica Simpson waited six months, while Kate Middleton had to wait over eight YEARS!

Some women are better at playing the waiting game than others, as proven by two recently engaged lovebirds. Jessica Simpson couldn’t even go a year (six months, to be exact) without saying ‘yes, yes, YES!’ to Eric Johnson, while Kate Middleton had to wait over eight YEARS for a proposal from her very own prince charming, Prince William. Is there ever a universal right time to get engaged?

The answer: no, of course not. What’s right for one couple is completely wrong for another. There’s no guarantee either relationship will last (though, to be fair, William and Kate DO have a better shot at survival because they know each other so well after such a lengthy courtship) and there’s nothing to suggest they WON’T go the distance.

Jessica is an impulsive romantic, a good Southern girl who would do anything to please her man. Her first marriage (to the also recently engaged Nick Lachey) didn’t survive because she was just too young and immature; at 30, she and Eric, also 30, know who they are and what they want. They may have had a whirlwind romance, but together, they work.

On the other hand, William always said he wouldn’t get married until he was at least 28 or 30. Kate, also 28, knew this, and she waited it out: Prince Charles’ office confirmed the engagement today, Nov. 16.

Basically, what’s right for one couple isn’t right for another. Would I wait eight years to marry the man of my dreams? No — and neither would Jessica, most likely. But neither of us has the patience of Kate! Don’t liken your situation to another woman’s. If you do, you may not get to say ‘I do!’

How long did you date your BF before he proposed, HollywoodLifers? Tell us your story below!


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