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Christina Aguilera Tells HollyBaby That Being A Mom To Max Comes First

Tue, November 16, 2010 9:00am EDT by 1 Comment

The singer turned movie star is adjusting to raising her son, Max, as a single mom. “He brings out my unconditional love and unconditional patience,” she tells

Christina Aguilera is about to make her big screen debut in Burlesque, but she’s too busy taking care of her 2-year-old son, Max Bratman, to get caught up in the hoopla of becoming a movie star. “I’m a mom first. I have to spend as much time as possible with my son,” says the 29-year-old, who fought to make sure that her weekends were free to spend with her son while making the movie. “This is my first movie and I said, ‘I’m a mother and need those weekends.'” We’re so glad to see a celebrity keeping her child as her top priority. Read more about Max, and how Sex and the City helped Christina to score the role in Burlesque in our interview!

Aww! Christina takes Max shopping

How do you feel about your marriage to Jordan Bratman, 33, breaking up?
I’m looking forward to the next chapter. It’s about my son and we’re committed to his happiness.

How is it to mix motherhood and work?
It’s always hard. As a mother, they’re your first priority. I go into everything knowing that it doesn’t mean I stop being a mom.

What are you teaching Max?
I want him to have a strong women in his life. I want him to find his own passion for what he loves to do and I set the example for him.

That’s great. What does your son bring to your life?
He brings out all these elements of play in me. I’ll sit on the floor and play for hours. We run and laugh and just have fun. Grown-ups forget how to do that in their lives. He also brings out my unconditional love and unconditional patience.

How did having Max change you?
Having a baby changes your life. It made me more comfortable in my own skin and my own body. It’s such a growth experience.

Congratulations on starring in your first movie. How did you get the part?
Part of the reason why I got to do this movie was my Samantha impersonation from the Sex and the City skit we did on Saturday Night Live.

Wow. What was it like working with Cher?
I wanted Cher to be in this movie so badly that I said, “Tell Cher, I will drink her bathwater.” Cut to I was on my way to dance rehearsals in sweatpants and flats with my baby on my hip. I was told by the studio, “You got to meet Cher. She’s on the next soundstage rehearsing for her Vegas show.” I said, “You can’t put me on the spot like this. I need my high heels! I’m going to meet Cher. She’s so tall. It won’t be right!” I decided to do it. So I walked up to her with my baby on my hip and went for it. I said, “Hi, I’m Christina. I’m the one who wants to drink your bathwater.” She just gave me a big hug and took me in.

You have a lot of physically demanding dance numbers in this film. Did you hurt yourself?
I had so many bruises. Especially when I whipped those diamonds around in the “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend” number. I had to get down on my knees for some of the moves and that hurt. It looked like I got in a car accident. That’s how many bruises I had.

Well, clearly it was worth all the pain. HollyMoms, you can check out Christina’s big screen debut when Burlesque premieres on Thanksgiving.

Are Christina and Jordan fighting over custody of Max?

–Cindy Pearlman

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