Family Insider Tells Us The REAL Reason Britney Spears' Parents Are Getting Back Together! EXCLUSIVE! has the exclusive details on why Jamie and Lynne Spears are reuniting eight years after their rocky divorce! Between Britney’s mental breakdown and Jamie-Lynn’s teen pregnancy, the Spears family has endured a lot of hardship over the past eight years. During the height of Britney’s career in 2002, Jamie and Lynn Spears went through a nasty divorce. But in times of trouble, the estranged parents have bonded together to help support their daughters through their difficulties. Now, eight years after their divorce Jamie and Lynn Spears have reconciled and an insider gave the exclusive details about the Spears family reunion.

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“This has been brewing for a few months, between them both they are almost the only people they can really trust,” says an insider close to the family.

According to our source, Lynne Spears fell back in love with her ex-husband when watching him be a great parent to Britney. Lynne, who once accused Jamie Spears of being an “absentee dad,” admired his efforts in reinventing Britney’s career and protecting her from Hollywood’s bad influences.

“She really has seen what he did for Britney and that was the catalyst for reconciliation,” reveals our source.

We are  happy the Spears’ have reunited and still value family ties over their children’s careers. With the split of the Cyrus’ and the nasty feud between the Lohan’s, it is nice to see that there is still hope for happy families to exist in Hollywood!

–Nicole Fukuoka, with reporting by Russ Weakland

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