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Why Is 'Teen Mom' Farrah Abraham Being So Mean To Her Baby's Grandma?

Mon, November 15, 2010 10:15am EDT by Chloe Melas 2 Comments

Isn’t ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah being cruel to prevent baby Sophia from seeing her dead baby-daddy’s grandma — we think so!

Farrah Abraham wants baby Sophia‘s grandmother Stormie Clark to stay as far away as possible, but we think Farrah needs to lighten up. Hasn’t Stormie been through enough already? Not only did she lose her son Derek in a car accident in 2008, just two months before Sophia was born, but now Farrah won’t even allow her to visit her granddaughter! Even though Stormie has said she won’t give up — despite a Council Bluffs, Iowa, court denying her “grandparent’s rights” — Farrah isn’t budging. The Teen Mom star is up angry that Stormie showed up to a park in June while Sophia was playing with her babysitter.

“I was surprised, I felt so betrayed,” Farrah now tells“When I saw the photo, it seemed to me that Sophia didn’t feel comfortable. I feel bad that she was put in that situation. I will never have her in the child government daycare system again.”

Keep in mind, Stormie had never met Sophia, which is why she felt compelled to show up at the park unannounced.

“I have full custody of Sophia,” Farrah tells the site. “I’m not concerned. Stormie is out of my life.”

Don’t you think Farrah is taking things too far? Shouldn’t Stormie be allowed to see her granddaughter?