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Bonnie Says: Why My Husband Is An Amazing Dad — Tell Me Why Yours Is Incredible Too!

Mon, November 15, 2010 2:43pm EDT by Add first Comment

Every day I thank the Lord that my husband Michael turned out to be the dad that I’d always dreamt I would have for my babies.

Now, what I’d really like is for YOU to tell me why your husband is dad of the year, and to inspire you, I’ll tell you why my husband Michael has been the most wonderful father to our four children — Noah, Sofia, Leilah and Sasha. Please write me at and share your “dad” stories or comment below. But to inspire you, I’ll share 12 reasons why Michael’s been amazing! When I married Michael, I knew that he wanted to start a family one day as much as I did and I had confidence that he would rise to the occasion even though he’d unfortunately had a lousy role model. His own father had walked out on Michael’s mom when he was just eleven. He and his older sister Linda, 19, rarely saw their father after that. His dad married the girlfriend he’d been cheating with, and emotionally adopted her children, abandoning his own.

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That experience, I learned, made my husband determined to be the father he never had to his own children. And he has been — in every way!

From the moment that I found out I was unexpectedly pregnant with our first child, Noah, he has LOVED each child unconditionally and as completely as any father (or parent) possibly could.

Here are my Top 12 reasons Michael’s a fab dad!
1. He diapered, he bathed, he did middle of the night feedings with every child. He drove our colicky #2 Sofia around town in the middle of the night for hours, And he finally was Mr. Mom after we had too many nightmare nannies. He quit his job when we realized our son Noah, 3, was suffering the effects of bad babysitters.

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2. He was Nature Dad. He volunteered to lead nature walks for all of our kids’ grade school classes.

3. When our daughter Sofia was diagnosed at three years old with a brain tumor, he carried her right into the operating room, for emergency brain surgery and held her hand while she was sedated and I sobbed outside.

4. When our daughter Leilah was diagnosed with leukemia at the age of five, he quit work that day again and virtually lived in the hospital with her on and off for months with NEVER a complaint. When her hair started to fall out from the chemo, he brushed and combed it out for her, then shaved his head so she wouldn’t have the only bald head in the house.

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5. He drives to get our kids in the middle of the night whenever they call. Pickups from parties, pickups from the bus stop in New York when now-college student Sofia arrives home from Boston at midnight, or to pick up college grad Noah from the hospital when he gets really sick … all of course in the middle of the night. He moves kids into their college dorms. Packs them up, drives to college campuses, unpacks, hangs pictures and light fixtures. Then at the end of the year goes to pick them up. And he loves the time spent driving with them.

6. He camps out in the backyard in a tent with the kids. Each Fuller kid has had to do it once.

7. He loves the kids so much he cries when he’s proud of them. At their bar and bat mitzvahs, their kindergarten and high school graduations, their theater and dance performances. The kids roll their eyes as the tears run down his cheeks.

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8. He’ll fall asleep on the floor while I and our youngest fall asleep on the couch every Friday night — because Sasha LOVES IT!

9. He makes breakfast for finicky eater Leilah every day. Even whipping up french toast or chocolate chip pancakes at 7am to entice her.

10. He actually made homemade Halloween costumes for the kids. He turned Noah into a Ninja Turtle with socks and a muffin tin, Pippi Longstocking for Sofia and Swan Princess for Leilah.

11. He decorates their birthday party tables with streamers, candy, party favors and turns the party room into kid heaven.

12. Every day and in every way, he makes his kids feel loved and secure. They know he’ll never leave them like his father left him.

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And so now you know why everyday I’m grateful that Michael is my children’s father.

Now you tell me how great a dad YOUR man is by commenting below! Or remember, write to me and we’ll share your stories on Hollybaby … Thanks!

–Bonnie Fuller


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