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Watch This! Modern Family's Julie Bowen Calls One Of Her Kids Fat On Conan!

Fri, November 12, 2010 9:53am EDT by Add first Comment

Julie Bowen tells a hilarious story about finding one of her twin boys — the ‘fat, cute one’ — hiding in her tumble dryer!

Modern Family‘s Julie Bowen stopped by Conan last night to discuss her hectic life with her three sons, Oliver, 3, and 18-month-old twin boys, John and Gus — or as she calls them, “the smart one” and “the fat, cute one.” Julie describes her twins as polar opposites, one is “super cute and adorable, maybe not the brightest” while the other is the “little, tiny one who’s going to use his noodle.” Then Julie told Conan O’Brien about a recent adventure the tiny tykes decided to embark on — a trip to the dryer.

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“I was doing some laundry and letting them run around in a safe environment, or so I thought,” she told Conan. “I came out and the smart one had got the fat, cute one into the dryer. I don’t know how, because the fat one, did I mention he’s fat? I mean, he’s is a big kid.” And then Conan said, “You should learn their names!”

Julie is shocked when her boys call her ‘Mom!’

Conan couldn’t believe that “smarty” put “fatty” in the dryer, but Julie had a picture to prove it! “I ran off and got a picture of it, I had to,” she exclaimed. “Then I got the large man, Gustav out… yes, his name is Gustav. The best part is that if you look at the back of John’s head, it is like a serial killer has stepped in the frame.” And Conan replied, “He’s a little Dexter there.” A fatty and a serial killer? Priceless!

While it’s probably wrong for Julie to call her sons fat and smart, and it could have been very dangerous for Gustav if the dryer had been turned on, it’s still a funny story. Watch the hilarious interview below!

–Leigh Blickley

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