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Morning Sickness 101: Real Moms Reveal Their Tips For Taming The Nausea Beast

Mon, November 8, 2010 9:30am EDT by Add first Comment

If you’re like most of us who suffer through morning sickness for three months or more, read this advice from our BFFs at on how to deal with it.

Morning sickness is considered to be an unfortunate and unavoidable part of pregnancy for all but a handful of women. Every woman will have different triggers for their morning sickness — on the message boards of ivillage’s Parent Soup, the expectant moms say that two big culprits are toothpaste and prenatal vitamins. Here, they share their tips for navigating these two necessary daily events.

“When I get that nauseated feeling (usually in the evening or in early morning, and always during toothbrushing) I take deep breaths until the feeling goes away or I really have to get sick. Usually the feeling goes away for me.”

“I pour a bowl of icy water from the fridge to brush my teeth with. The colder it is, the less I feel sick. I have found that bending over really makes the nausea worse, so I brush over the kitchen sink because it is taller than the bathroom sink. I also try not to eat about an hour before I’ll be brushing my teeth; it seems to be worse if my stomach is full.”

“Now that I’m almost 14 weeks pregnant, my morning sickness is getting better but it gave me a hard time earlier — and not only in the morning. Now, what I do is munch on some potato chips and drink soda water as soon as I get up and it usually helps a lot. Crackers didn’t work for me, but the potato chips do work! You’ll find soon that there are some good days and others not so good.”

“I always had to eat before taking my prenatal vitamins otherwise I would get very sick. Try eating before you take them, and see if you still experience the nausea.”

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Tell us: Do you have a tip or trick for beating morning sickness?