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Kate Gosselin’s Plunging Cleavage Top Distracted US From Her Kids In Alaska On ‘Kate Plus 8’ But Where Was Sarah Palin?

Sun, November 7, 2010 11:50pm EDT by Chloe Melas 8 Comments

The only Sarah Palin on Kate Plus 8 was in the promos for HER new show, starting next week BUT it was hard to concentrate on the 8 Gosselettes when Kate on the couch wore a deeply plunging, cleavage-revealing top to recount the Alaskan adventures!

Kate Gosselin finally went somewhere without her 4-inch stilettos but there was one thing missing — Sarah Palin! It was the highly anticipated Kate Plus 8 special Nov. 7, on TLC, but it was kind of a bummer to not see the kids interact with Mama Grizzly! Kate and her adorable Gosselins traveled all the way from their home in Reading, Pa., to learn about dog sled racing and glaciers, and it really was cute. But despite Kate complaining about missing her high heels , freaking out over mud, and disappointed while panning for gold, it would have been 10 times better if the former Governor of Alaska was there on her home front!

The first thing Mama Gosselin did was take her kids to learn about dog sled racing! The kids were so sweet when they got to see the two-day old puppies, but it was more of a treat to see Kate act terrified when she took an actual sled ride! One of the best moments was Kate saying “It’s the longest I’ve gone without wearing heels in my life.” Well, that’s an understatement, since the last memory we all have of Kate was her sprinting through NYC in incredibly skinny, super tall heels, with dripping ice cream cones on the last TLC special.

Kate whines way more than her kids- in fact the kids had a blast , while Kate proved she’s NO outdoors girl. Mud, snow, mountains and whales that didn’t turn up on cue- all had Kate up in arms. Weird , how you can’t control nature Kate.

But of course, the episode wouldn’t have been complete without an appearance from Kate’s rumored boyfriend and bodyguard, Steve Neild. He accompanied the kids on an excursion to pan for gold, which Kate said “grossed her out.” It was ironic though, when Steve thought it’d be a fun idea to play a prank on Kate by having the kids tell her they’d found a gold ring in the water. Hmm, alluding to a real one perhaps?

The episode concluded with Kate doing her own version of a whale call. It was quite hilarious watching the mom-of-eight attempt to attract a fleet of whales, but she prevailed!

So Sarah Palin, what happened. It seems that if  the  Gosselins are dropping in on your new reality show: Sarah Palin’s Alaska, which premieres Nov. 14 on TLC at 10 PM ET, the least you could do was return the favor- or did Kate’s cleavage scare you off!


— Chloe Melas and Jessica Booth