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5 Reasons You Need To See '127 Hours'…Even If It Makes You Faint!

Fri, November 5, 2010 6:30pm EDT by HL Intern 1 Comment

In ‘127 Hours,’ released in limited theaters today, James Franco plays real-life rock climber Aron Ralston who made headlines when he cut off his own arm to save himself from certain death after being trapped for five days in an isolated canyon in 2003.

The amputation and bone-breaking scene in the film is so graphic that paramedics were called in to the film’s screening at The London Film Festival when some audience members actually fainted and vomited!

But if you get past those bloody 15 minutes, the film is absolutely incredible! James shows a depth and range well beyond what he’s done before. It’s hard to not to get emotional when you see the anguish on his character’s face as he contemplates his own death.

“We as humans have an instinct to survive,”  James has said, discussing his role at the film’s New York premiere hosted by Gucci. “I think its something we are all capable of.”

Here are the top five reasons why YOU have to see ‘127 Hours” this weekend:

1. It’s nearly 90 minutes of James Franco by himself and he totally carries it! I predict some award nominations coming his way.

2. It’s a true story! The real Aron Ralston said the film is accurate and nothing was added for entertainment or dramatic purposes.

3. The scenery in Utah where they filmed  is absolutely breathtaking. Too bad James is in a hole most of the time!

4.It is directed by Danny Boyle, the brilliant filmmaker behind Trainspotting, 28 Days Later and the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire.

5. For bragging rights! Test out your squeamish side and see if you can make it through the gory amputation scene without covering your eyes!

Ashley Joy Parker