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Tom Cruise And Katie Holmes Treat Suri Like An Adult. Is She A Spoiled Brat? Vote!

Wed, November 3, 2010 10:07am EDT by 4 Comments

As Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes’ marriage hits a rough patch, they’re reportedly letting their little lady call all the shots around the house! She doesn’t even have a set bedtime! Is that a bad idea, HollyMoms?

Katie Holmes‘ marriage to Tom Cruise has reportedly hit a rough patch. According to In Touch the couple, who married in Italy in 2006, are living separate lives. And while their relationship is in trouble, they’re letting their daughter Suri do whatever she wants. “Suri definitely calls all the shots,” a friend of the couple tells the magazine.

“Suri doesn’t have a set bedtime, and her parents treat her like an adult,” says the friend. Amazing — she’s only 4 years old but she’s allowed to stay up as late as she wants! HollyMoms, can you believe that Tom and Katie also let her wear and eat whatever she wants? They also let her wear makeup and high heels and reportedly spend $50,000 a month on clothes and toys! That’s absurd!

Suri visits Katie on the set of her new film

“She always gets her way,” confirms a source to the National Enquirer. It doesn’t matter if the little girl is in the privacy of her own home or on the set of one of her parents’ films; she’ll throw a fit anywhere. “She’s a champion tantrum thrower, and neither her mom and dad at home nor the cast and crew on Katie’s movie can deny her. She can be as sweet and charming as all get-out, but look out if she doesn’t get what she wants.”

“She is allowed to voice her opinion about everything,” explains the friend to In Touch. Sounds like Hollywood has a new diva to deal with because while visiting Katie on the set of her latest film Jack And Jill she totally took charge. “She was soon demanding cookies from crew members – and if she wasn’t granted her request right away, she’d throw a fit,” the source says. “She knows how to mind her manners, but she’s learned that she can manipulate people a lot easier if she plays the pestering princess.”

Her parents may be treating her like a pint-size adult, but Suri still has some very babyish behaviors — she’s still drinking from baby bottles! Personally, I think if she’s old enough to watch late-night TV, she’s ready to skip past sippy cups and onto real drinking glasses.

According to the insider, Tom, 48, and Katie’s devotion to Scientology is the reason that Suri’s so spoiled. The religion encourages parents to let their children make decisions for themselves — including when to banish the bottle.

Suri has developed a fear of flying

From the sounds of it, Suri won’t be getting a new sibling anytime soon. In Touch is reporting that the fighting between Tom and Katie, 31, is so bad that she’s gone back on birth control! That’s probably for the best, because there is no way they should bring another baby into the family if they’re fighting like cats and dogs. What do you think?

–Amy L. Harper

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