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KIRSTIN SAYS: Yikes…It's Getting Close On 'DWTS!' 'Bristol The Pistol' Was Weak, But Kurt Warner Was A Snooze!

Tue, November 2, 2010 3:47am EDT by 5 Comments

Courtesy of ABC

It’s week seven and Dancing with the Stars is getting juicy! Now that the contestants have improved their skills, their personalities are key to staying in the race!

Going into performances on the 200th episode celebration of Dancing with the Stars, there was concern the dancers might not even make it to the stage. Between their insane rehearsal schedules, their press obligations AND their personal lives, both the dancers and their stars were reportedly on their last limbs. However, I NEVER would have known every DWTS cast member was weak with exhaustion when I was watching the live show — all of their dances were nearly flawless!

  • How awesome were the team dances in beginning of the episode? When Team Kristi (aka: the underdogs, which included Kyle Massey, Rick Fox and Bristol Palin) hit the dance floor, I could hardly tell who a pro and who was a star. These couples have improved an astonishing amount in approximately two months. It’s unbelievable!
  • Sadly, Team Apollo (Brandy, Jennifer Grey and Kurt Warner) won the mini competition, scoring 27 out of 30 (versus the other team’s 24/30). Yes, they were technically good, but  Team Kristi was more fun to watch! (Bristol shook it like I’ve never seen a “teenage activist” shake it before.)

  • Kyle Massey and Lacey Schwimmer continue to be the team to beat in my mind! Not only are they skilled, they actually have F-U-N — a concept that’s seemingly foreign to Dirty Dancing actress, Jennifer Grey!
  • Speaking of Ms. Grey, what is her deal? She’s got the whole package: the looks, the talent and the drive, but for some reason she insists on turning voters against her by complaining about EVERY SINGLE, MINUTE DETAIL. C’mon, Jennifer. We know you’re 50-years-old (after all, you remind us constantly) and your body is sore, but grin and bear it. Or just be done…but we’re sick of hearing about your plight. (It should be noted that Jennifer tied for first place with Brandy, earning a score of 64/70.
  • Brandy should win most improved player of the year award. Remember when she first started? It was painful to watch. Now, she shakes her thing and moves it like a pro…if she can maintain some likability, I think she’ll be the one to beat. (Next to my fav, Kyle, of course!)
  • And last (but certainly not least), we get to my dear, darling “Bristol the Pistol Palin.” I NEVER would have put money on Bristol making it this far in the competition. Let’s call a spade a spade: the girl just isn’t a dancer. That said, she will forever hold a soft spot in my heart. Not only has she earned street cred points by becoming BFFs with Teen Mom Maci Bookhouse, Bristol is endearing and outright hysterical. In fact, judge Carrie Ann Inaba compared her movements to that of a pigeon during the Nov. 1 performances — if that’s not pure entertainment, I don’t know what is.
  • Despite scoring the least amount of points of the evening, I want Bristol the Pistol to stay and Kurt “I’m a Snooze fest” Warner to say goodbye during the results show Nov. 2. What do you guys think? Who should stay…and more importantly right now, who should go?


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