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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: How To Confront A Man If You Think He's Cheating Like Jessica Biel Should Have Done With Justin Timberlake

Thu, October 28, 2010 10:40am EDT by 2 Comments
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Here’s what Jessica Biel should have done the second she thought BF Justin Timberlake was cheating with Olivia Munn!

Justin Timberlake may be reverting to his old playboy ways! A new report reveals that the 29-year-old Social Network cialstar cheated on longtime girlfriend Jessica Biel with G4 host Olivia Munn last September. Did Jessica know? And what should she have done the second she thought he was being unfaithful?

Here’s the thing: nine times out of ten, a man will never admit his infidelities, especially, as Justin’s story suggests, he has no intention of leaving his girlfriend for the other woman. Therefore, outright asking him if he’s done a dirty deed may not produce results until you have some concrete proof.

If you’re slightly suspicious, start watching for tell-tale signs that he’s done something wrong. Is he sending you unnecessarily expensive gifts? Is he turning everything into an argument for no reason? Is he working late at night? Once you’ve established that his behavior HAS been weird, then go in for the kill.

Do NOT accuse him. He’ll get on the defensive and you’ll never learn the truth. I recommend making a list of the ways he’s been acting strangely and asking him to clear some things up for you. Act innocent and slightly injured. At the very least, he’ll feel guilty enough that his Tiger Woods ways WILL come to light sooner than later.

Remember, if you suspect your man is cheating, he probably is. So do something about it!


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