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Did Taylor Momsen Try To Steal Taylor Swift's Thunder With Her Flashing Stunt?

Mon, October 25, 2010 2:17pm EDT by 12 Comments

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The past week was supposed to be all about Ms. Swift leading up to the release of her new album “Speak Now,” but that all changed when Ms. Momsen decided to flash a crowd of concertgoers in NYC!

The current crop of up and coming Hollywood starlets includes two very tall, very beautiful, very blond, and very talented Taylors — but any and all similarities end there. 20-year-old Taylor Swift, who’s new album Speak Now is released Oct. 25, is calm, collected, always a lady, and this week was supposed to be all about her and her much anticipated new album. That was until the brash, loud, and more than outspoken Taylor Momsen, 17, tried to steal Swift’s thunder the best way she knew how — flashing an entire audience at her NYC concert Oct. 21. Low blow!

This is not the first time Momsen has wowed people with her behavior. Though still a minor, she enjoys discussing her sexual history, past drug use, love of her vibrator, and disdain for most other actors and singers. In short, she has been playing the role of angry and angst ridden teen quite well for the past few years, even as her show, Gossip Girl, and music group, Pretty Reckless, have thrived. Leading many to wonder what she is so damn angry about!

Swift on the other hand is a humble and gracious young adult who has to date won four Grammy Awards and is the top-selling digital artist in music history. She seems to be friends with an endless list of celebrities, both young and old, including Emma Stone, Miley Cyrus, Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. Her earnings in 2009 alone totaled $45 million and she has never once relied on a gimmick for her fame and success.

Of course, Swift discusses her personal life on her music as does Momsen, but never in any sort of raunchy or overtly sexual manner. It is the relationship she sings about, never any sort of physical act or intimacy. And unlike Momsen, Swift will never film a video in which she writhes around on a table barely dressed, of that we are certain.

While Momsen has long claimed her behavior is simply an offshoot of her personality, given her talent and ability as both a singer and actress we imagine she too might be experiencing Swift style levels of success if she choose to behave in a more appropriate manner. Both young women frequently travel with their mothers, and while Swift’s seems to keep her in line, Momsen’s mom is clearly letting her daughter call the shots.

Of course Momsen’s antics will eventually fade into oblivion and Swift seems to become a bigger and bigger star with each passing day — something flashing an audience will never get you!

-Chris Spargo


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