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Lindsay Lohan is NOT Going To Jail — Judge Says He Doesn't Want Another 'Trainwreck' & Orders Lindsay To Remain In Rehab Until Jan. 3!

Fri, October 22, 2010 12:38pm EDT by Chloe Melas 7 Comments

It’s a victory for Lindsay Lohan and her camp Oct. 22 — the judge has ruled that Lindsay STAY in rehab instead of being thrown back in jail for violating the terms of her probation.

In a shocking turn of events, Judge Elden Fox has decided to keep Lindsay Lohan at the Betty Ford rehab center INSTEAD of sending her back to jail at the Lynwood Correctional Facility. The LA District Attorney’s office suggested that Lindsay go to jail for six months, but Judge Fox has opted to sentence Lindsay to remain in rehab until Jan. 3. was in the courtroom as a visibly stressed and scared Lindsay arrived with her mother and a representative from the Betty Ford Clinic in tow. Judge Fox held counsel prior to the sentencing beginning and when Lindsay’s lawyer, Shawn Chapman Holley, came out, she immediately whispered to her client, “You ain’t goin’ to jail.”

Instantaneously, all the tension from Lindsay’s face dropped away and she grinned. At one point, the bailiff asked, “How are you doing?”

Lindsay replied with a smile, “Better.”

A very emotional Lindsay cried when Judge Fox told her she would not be going back to jail. Lindsay submitted a handwritten note and the Judge Fox said he “appreciated” her “trying.”

Judge Fox reiterated to Lindsay that she must want change in herself in order to stay out of trouble, and said he didn’t want another “train wreck.”

“You’re an addict,” he said. “So you must change your lifestyle before you become unemployable and uninsurable.”

Lindsay wept and so did her father, Michael. At one point the estranged dad winked in his daughter’s direction and she smiled.

Tension was broken in the court room when Judge Fox said lightly, “There’s a reason why I chose to make you stay in Betty Ford until after New Year’s.”

Everyone in the courtroom laughed, including Lindsay.

The troubled starlet will remain in Betty Ford until Jan. 3 and she’s required to check back in with the court Feb. 25. Her counsel asked if she could remove her SCRAM bracelet while at Betty Ford, and the judge agreed.

Between rehab and her court date, Lindsay be on unsupervised probation, and will be required to take anti-narcotic and anti-alcohol tests. If she fails one of these tests, the D.A. has recommended 180 days in jail.

Judge Fox said he has no qualms about throwing Lindsay back in jail if she messes up again. “I will no longer be manipulated,” he told her. “It’s about how you want to change your life and move forward.”