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EXCLUSIVE! Jon Gosselin Just Like Millions: Job Hunting in Tech Jobs BUT He's Staying Near His Kids!

Thu, October 21, 2010 4:43pm EDT by Chloe Melas 41 Comments

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We’ve been wondering for a while: how does Jon Gosselin make money? It turns out he’s been eating up his savings while actively looking for a job!

GREAT GOSSELIN NEWS! Jon Gosselin could be close to landing a job! The former reality dad and currently unemployed ex-husband of Kate has been job hunting for quite some time, and we thought he was going to pursue a career in front of the camera. But, spoke to Jon’s life coach and author of Don’t Bring It To Work, Dr. Sylvia Lafair, who says Jon IS looking for a job, and it’s NOT in Hollywood!

“His background is IT and he’s looking for something in that field,” says Dr. Lafair. “He wants to stay in the local area (Reading, PA) because he is determined to be near his kids.”

Jon has recently been tweeting about a potential job with Keystone Mobility, a company that provides “durable medical equipment” for the handicapped. The company hasn’t hired him — and isn’t saying whether they’ve talked.

We’ve told you before that Jon is required to pay his ex-wife Kate Gosselin $22,000 a month in child support. We also told you that Jon sold his BMW and other assests in order to sustain his lifestyle. But Dr. Lafair, who is also co-writing a book with Jon, says that Jon is very close to getting a job, and that the reason for the long search is because the “economy has been very tough.”

“There are 3 or 4 companies right now that he is looking into doing. He is NOT living off of Kate’s money, he’s spending his own!” she says. “He is also working on the book with me. It will be a book of merit that will inspire and motivate others.”

A typical salary for someone working in IT in Jon’s hometown of Reading, according to most employment guides, ranges from $75K for a Technical Analyst position to $115K for an IT Manager job.

It won’t be anything near what he was making from his cushy gig on TLC, but at least it’s something!

“I believe in people making lemonade out of lemons and I’m seeing Jon do just that,” says Dr. Lafair.

— Chloe Melas