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Hey Hilary Swank! Here Are Four Hair Removal Products to Prevent Those Hairy Armpits!

Wed, October 20, 2010 3:58pm EDT by 1 Comment

Get your hands on these quick and easy beauty products to remove unwanted body hair!

Ok, look, I get the whole “natural” argument for not shaving your armpit hair. However, when you’re wearing a dress like Hilary Swank where you can see it (see also: Julia Roberts,) not only does it look nasty, I can’t imagine it smells very good after a while! Here are some beauty products to keep this from happening to YOU:

First of all, a good razor in the shower is a handy and easy tool to keep unwanted hair at bay. How about a Gillette Venus Divine Razor, which three blades and moisture strips for a close shave without irritation?

Depilatories have come a long way and don’t smell as bad as they used to. Nair Shower Power Hair Remover Cream literally works with the heat of the shower to remove hair quickly. If you have sensitive skin, get your hands on Nair Sensitive Gel Cream, which removes hair without irritating your delicate skin.

Lastly, you can always wax. In my opinion the Bliss Poetic Waxing Microwaveable Waxing Kit is genius. It contains a portion of their gold-standard wax and all the tools you’ll need for quick, easy and long-lasting hair removal. Pop it in, wax, go.

What do you think, BFFs? Is hair removal the way to go or are you a fan of the natural armpit look? Vote now!

–Kristin Booker