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Scariest News Of The Day: Octomom Still Has 29 Frozen Embryos Left!

Tue, October 19, 2010 11:08am EDT by Add first Comment

Forget about Halloween horror shows, this is a real-life terror-fest. Nadya Suleman — who is already mother to 14 kids — still has more than two dozen embryos in cold storage. And you know what that could mean…

When I read a report this morning on that Nadya Suleman still has 29 embryos left, I literally felt a shudder run through me. This shocking information came to light yesterday during a hearing on whether her doctor’s medical license should be suspended or revoked. Nadya no doubt has a right to claim those embryos as her own, but I sincerely hope that she can’t find a doctor who is willing to implant them into her baby-making factory!

Octomom bartends for money! Is she kidding?!

Nadya’s doctor, Michael Kamrava, has been accused of “gross negligence” for implanting 12 embryos into Nadya back in 2008, which resulted in her giving birth to eight babies in January last year. And yesterday, during the first day of the hearing, an expert witness testified that Nadya had fresh embryos harvested for each in vitro process she went through, and still has 29 frozen embryos available.

Dr. Victor Y. Fujimoto, director of the University of California San Francisco’s in vitro fertilization program, stated during the hearing that Dr. Kamrava made an “extreme departure from standard of care” when he failed to refer Nadya to mental health evaluation and endangered her and her babies’ health by transferring 12 embryos into her uterus. Guidelines specify that no more than two embryos are to be used for in vitro fertilization for women under the age of 35.

Claudia Schiffer says 3 kids is enough! Octomom would totally disagree! reports that back in January Nadya joked about the possibility of Dr. Kamrava’s license being revoked, saying, “What am I going to do if I ever want to go back?”

That is not in the least bit funny.

First of all, as we have learned, frozen embryos can remain viable for years and years. Last week, there were reports of a woman giving birth to a healthy baby from an embryo that had been frozen for almost 20 years.

Second of all, Nadya Suleman is just crazy enough that she might decide to have more embryos implanted (if she can find a doctor willing to do it). The only thing that gives me any comfort is that Octomom doesn’t have any money and as anyone who has had IVF knows, the procedure isn’t cheap. So hopefully she won’t be able to afford to have more embryos implanted, or afford to fly overseas to a country like India, where embryo transfer is reportedly cheaper than in the U.S. Surely an example of outsourcing at its worst.

Check out these pics of Brangelina’s brood!

Nadya is facing foreclosure on her home, held a yard sale recently (where she sold used underwear and offered strangers the chance to take photos with her children for $100 a pop), and convinced a radio station to host a fundraiser for her at a bar where she was a guest bartender. Frankly, I would pay her money if she would just to disappear.

A future on welfare looms ahead of her unless she comes up with a legitimate way to make money to feed and clothe her 14 children. And because of this, my other fear is that this publicity whore will get the idea that she should auction off her frozen embryos to the highest bidder. I am not sure how much people would pay for an embryo that contains Octomom DNA, but I am sure there are some people out there who would consider buying her embryos (crazy gene and all) if it meant being about to have a baby of their own.

Bonnie reveals–I tried in vitro! I was desperate to have a baby!

Storing frozen embryos also costs money (about $600 a year), and I’m not sure how Nadya is affording to pay for that. And while I am not necessarily in favor of destroying her frozen embryos, unless she is going to donate them to women with fertility problems, I would be willing to pull them out of the freezer myself to ensure that she can’t put them anywhere near her uterus. Do you agree with me, HollyMoms?

–Kathy Campbell