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Kids 101: Real-Life Parents Share Tips On How To Help Toddlers Beat Bedwetting

Mon, October 18, 2010 10:30am EDT by Add first Comment

As if potty training your kids during the day isn’t hard enough, some moms have to deal with the middle of the night nuisance that is bedwetting. Our BFFs at asked parents to share their tips for overcoming that other form of night terror.

Bedwetting can be an enormous frustration to children and parents alike. Whether your child is struggling with the last stages of potty training or dealing with bedwetting during school-age years, there are ways you can both work together to achieve night dryness. Below, the parents of iVillage share their best tips for beating the bedwetting blues.

Reconsidering Pull-ups
“My daughter has stayed dry during the day since last summer but nighttime was a different story: we put pull-ups on her at night and every morning she was wet. The other night I forgot to put the pull-up on her and, at 3:30 a.m., I woke up when I heard her in the bathroom. When I asked her why she got up, she said, ‘You forgot to put my pull-up on and I didn’t want to wet the bed.’ I let her go back to bed without the pull-up and she was dry in the morning. We haven’t used a pull-up since and she has stayed dry. I think I would rather let her have an accident and wash the sheets than use the pull-ups again. She seems to think pull-ups are the same as the potty!” — iVillage member macjones

Putting a Pager to Use
“We used something called a Potty Pager with my daughter. It looks just like a pager and it attaches by a clip to the front of your child’s underwear. It has two small sensors on it and starts vibrating as soon as it senses moisture. It is no different than a pager’s vibration. It alerts the child that it’s time to wake up and go. It worked great for my daughter. It got her right up and made her aware of what was happening. She was a very sound sleeper and had gotten lazy about getting up. I remember waking her up three different times to go and it never worked. It was making her a miserable kid.” — iVillage member CRETEJR

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Tell us: Do you have a tip to share with moms who are struggling with bedwetting kids?

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