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Bonnie Says: Christina Hendricks Is NUTS To Lose 35 Pounds!

Mon, October 18, 2010 4:57pm EDT by HL Intern 9 Comments

Christina, please say it isn’t so. Over the weekend a new report appeared in the UK’s Daily Mail with a source claiming you are fed up with your fabulous curves.

“Christina has got sick of all the talk of her being the curviest woman in Hollywood. For her- it basically meant she was being called fat,” says their source.

She wants to drop 35 lbs off her bodacious 39D-30-39 figure. Yes, the figure that has had Hollywood talking and American men and women wanting to high five Hendricks. Unlike so many stick thin actresses, Christina, as Joan Holloway, in the sixties- era Mad Men drama, has become an inspiring role model for real women, and a sex symbol for oodles of men.

Along with Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé, Christina has been at the vanguard of a new group of  gorgeous full- figured women, who appeared to have revolutionized Hollywood’s casting opportunities.

Sadly, Christina wants to diet away her curves in the hopes that a slimmer figure will mean bigger roles. “She’s gone against everything she believed in before by going on the first diet of her life,” says The Daily Mail’s source.

Well Christina- what makes you so wonderfully va voom is what makes you refreshingly unique. Without your curves- you’re no different in looks than a million carbon copy Hollywood wannabees.

You’re a talented actress and that talent combined with curves has LA casting agents interested. “She’s not one of those plastic surgery bimbos, she’s a talented actress. I think she has the talent to play over to other roles, besides being Joan Holloway in Mad Men,” casting agent Lauren Lloyd, told

Yes Christina- you do have the talent to make it and your full figure is a fantastic asset. Women who buy movie tickets want to see actresses with naturally god-given female figures. Listen to me- DON’T DIET!

Bonnie Fuller


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