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Miners 'Pure Hell' Revealed : Grueling Tales Of Starvation & Terror Underground — Movie Will Be Incredible Tale!

Mon, October 18, 2010 10:05am EDT by Add first Comment
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Getty Images

The 33 workers trapped over 2,000 feet underground for 69 days took a ‘pact of silence’ to never tell some of their most horrifying stories!

Finally freed from their almost grave roughly half-a-mile underground, stories are slowly beginning to emerge of the unbelievable and horrific conditions the 33 trapped miners in Chile’s San Jose mine were forced to endure. “Super” Mario Sepulveda spoke with the Daily Mail discussing the miners diet of two sips of water and a spoonful of tuna on half a cracker, which they began eating every other day before the first drill reached them on Aug. 22 — 17 days after they were first trapped!

There are some rumors however that Mario put to rest, including ones that claimed the miners were intimate with one another during their time underground. “Saying we had sex down there with each other is just plain wrong,” Mario said. “Nothing like that ever went on. We were too busy trying to survive to think of sex.”

Mario also firmly stated that the claims cannibalism had at any point been discussed by of the men were totally unfounded.

As for the Pact of Silence the miners signed, Mario said, “When you are in a stressful situation like that, you do and say things in extremes. We made the Pact of Silence to protect some of the younger, less educated ones. It was a pact of brotherhood. Originally we were not going to talk at all about the 17 days.”

To lighten the mood during their second week in the mine, which he describes as “terrible,” Mario pulled out a very interesting tactic — faking his death! “They gathered around and I was playing like I was dying and I said, very slowly, “My friends, say to my family that I love them. Tell them that the money is in the . . .” and then I pretended to expire. The others were quiet and I held my breath. Then I could hold it no more and burst out laughing,” he claims.