Bonnie Says: Taylor Momsen, 17, In Guns & Garters — Is It Even More Disturbing Than Miley?

So is this ANY way for an underage girl to dress? Is Taylor arty or just plain tarty? Taylor Momsen doesn't leave much to the imagination on the November issue of Revolver magazine. The 17-year-old Gossip Girl star pushes to be as provocative as possible in black lacy thigh-highs, a skimpy black top, stretches of bare skin, a rifle in hand AND a gun holster around her hips! Is she auditioning to be poster princess for the National Rifle Association?

Taylor, who started the rock band Pretty Reckless in 2008, is actually making a pretty reckless statement here. With the horrendous incidents of Columbine-style gun massacres that have tragically taken lives at high schools and Virginia Tech university (in 2007), isn’t she being incredibly irresponsible linking her teen sexuality to bare skin and gun barrels?

Saying gunslinging is so-so-sexy to other young, still-in-school children just shows that she may have a woman’s body but not a shred of intelligence. Inside the mag she poses in various states of undress with numerous weapons, including chainsaws, shotguns and swords, according to

She also makes it clear that when it comes to sex, she’s not just posing. She’s thinking about sex and talking about sex and watching … sex tapes. “I like some adult stars”, she told Revolver. “But I will say this: That Tommy-Lee / Pamela Anderson video wasn’t very good. I wouldn’t f**k Tommy Lee.” Nice. Nice to hear from your 17-year-old lips, Taylor. She apparently also holds forth on the subject of masturbation in the mag.

Taylor has admitted that she’s not friends with the rest of the Gossip Girl cast. And is it any wonder why? She smokes, she always performs with her band in a bordello-style corset, stockings and garters and admits her style is “high-class hooker.” (By the way, that look isn’t even original — she stole her style from Joan Jetts former bandmate Cherie “Cherry Bomb” Currie.)

Taylor certainly doesn’t seem too concerned about what everyone thinks of her. “I’m 17. Aren’t I supposed to be provocative? I don’t really understand what the problem is,” she has said.  “I know I dress provocatively on stage, but it’s just rock ‘n’ roll. Like, I don’t really understand what the big deal is.”

Well, here’s the big deal: You’re a naive teen, playing with a whole lot of fire. You’re telling other teens that gunplay is sexy, not dangerous. You’re telling men that you’re open for business. And you’re telling other young women that the way to be provocative isn’t with talent or brains, but with sex and violence.

I’m not the only one who’s appalled by Taylor’s attitude and message. “She’s 17 and dressed as if she’s ready for sex and her legs-open stance is sending a loud and clear invitation — come play with me and my guns,” says psychotherapist Dr. Gilda Carle. “What happens when the invitation is no longer a fantasy on the cover of a magazine but when she’s alone in a dressing room and some guy comes on to her? How is she going to handle that? Who’s going to take advantage of her and will she be able to deal with the consequences?”

“Her legs spread like that show that she’s sexually available — but it’s not sexy, it’s vulgar”, agrees Dr. Lillian Glass. “Then having the gun pointed at her head with all the teen suicides going on is very bad. Guns are NOT props! It’s not controversial or edgy, it is unacceptable!”

Taylor — did you give any thought to the victims of teen gun violence before you set out to look “cool”?  You and your enabler parents are idiots!

-Bonnie Fuller



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