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KIRSTIN SAYS: Put Me On The Chilean Miner Diet — Some Of Those Guys Lost 20+ Pounds!

Thu, October 14, 2010 4:58pm EDT by 11 Comments
Getty Images

Getty Images

There’s nothing like being stuck underground for two months to inspire drastic weight loss…this could be the best diet plan ever!

When the Chilean miners got stuck more than half a mile underground, the last thing they were probably concerned about was their waist line — but when their escape plan was devised and they had to fit into a miniature capsule to be freed from the depth of the earth, their weight suddenly became critical. With the help of NASA, the men were put on a strict diet to ensure their waists weren’t bigger than 35.4 inches, and many of them even lost 20+ pounds. Talk about a successful weight loss program!

For the first 17 days of their more than two-month long stint, the guys rationed themselves on two spoonfuls of tuna, a half a cookie and a half-full glass of milk every 48 hours. That part sounds about as fun as a cayenne pepper and lemon juice cleanse on top of the earth…can you imagine how hungry you’d be?

After they were discovered and people were able to send help, the 33 men were fed hydration gel, soup and medication. Also, not ideal, but much better than the 48 hour ration.

Things started to look up for these poor guys when doctors decided to reintroduce their bodies to solids. At that point, they were kept on a strict 2,200 calorie a day diet that included meat and rice. The menu plan was designed to help them drop excess pounds and keep them from getting sick during the 45 minute bumpy ride up in the capsule Oct. 13.

The special diet worked so well that all 33 miners were in better physical health when they came up than when they got stuck in Aug. Not one of the men had lost any muscle weight — it was only fat — and everyone’s protein levels had increased!

After hearing about their weight loss success, I’m ready to try out the diet myself. Forget The Biggest Loser — all I need is two months underground to drop those extra pounds.

On second thought, perhaps I should just drag my lazy self to the gym…that’s probably a better idea.


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