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Wow! Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy From An Embryo Frozen For Almost 20 Years!

Mon, October 11, 2010 3:19pm EDT by Add first Comment

If you’ve struggled with infertility you must read this amazing report: An American woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy using an embryo that had been frozen for nearly two decades! Talk about a miracle baby!

Anyone who’s ever desperately wanted a baby but has met disappointment time and time again may find some hope in this story. According to reports, an American woman who spent 10 stressful years going through painful and invasive fertility treatments finally gave birth to a baby in May after doctors  implanted an embryo in her womb that had been frozen for 20 years. It was donated by an anonymous couple who had successfully had a family via IVF, and, gave their remaining frozen embryos to couples in need.

The 42-year-old woman defied the odds when she gave birth to a healthy 6 lb. 15 oz. baby boy five months ago!

Celine Dion is expecting twins thanks to IVF!

“She has been going through treatment for a long time,” says her doctor, Sergio Oehninger, director of the Jones Institute for Reproductive Medicine at the Eastern Virginia medical school. “She was a patient here in 2000. She was a persistent lady.”

Did you know that undergoing IVF increases your odds of having a baby boy?

The successful pregnancy from an embryo that had been frozen for two decades came as a pleasant surprise to fertility specialists since the previous record was held by a 13-year-old embryo that was implanted in a Spanish woman. Some doctors believe embryos can be stored for up to 40 years.

While that’s good news for women who want to to postpone starting a family until later in life, at the same time it sparks concern among critics that it will lead to an increase in elderly mothers, who will be unable to properly care for their kids.

It also contradicts previously published reports that frozen embryos were only viable for a short period of time, and calls into question the ethics of destroying embryos that are believed to be past their “use-by date.”

–Amy L. Harper