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Do 'Sister Wives' Janelle & Christine Brown Want Out Of Their Marriage & Will They Be Forced To Abandon Their Children?

Wed, October 6, 2010 11:48am EDT by 45 Comments
Sister Wives Divorce

Courtesy of TLC

Religious law dictates that Janelle and Christine would not be able to see their children following their divorce, but a legal expert tells us that would not be the case at all under the law!

A new and somewhat darker side of the polygamous Brown family is beginning to show according to new reports that claim Kody Brown‘s second and third wives, Janelle and Christine, want out of their marriage but would be forced to leave their children!

Star spoke to a source who said, “[Janelle] told me she and Christine are so sick of how Kody’s desire to be a TV star is pulling the family apart, plus all the attention he lavishes on his new, young wife, Robyn, that they’ve talked about divorce.”

According to the family’s religion, the Apostolic United Bethren, divorce would mean that Janelle and Christine could not take their children with them, or even see them until they were adults!

Janae Thorne-Bird left her polygamous marriage and says, “I was forced by our sect to give my ex-husband full custody of our 10 children and they were raised by … his other wives.”

In extreme cases the sect also believes in blood atonement according to Janae. “I know of husbands in the sect who said they would literally ‘find and gut’ their exes,” she claims.

Santa Monica lawyer Steve Cron told that legally, the only thing that matters in custody cases is the welfare of the children. “These women are in a situation where their religion frowns on divorce obviously but legally they would have the same rights and visitation to their children. A judge would look at the two parents and if they were both deemed fit they would divide visitation 50 – 50.”

If anything, Christine and Janelle could come out ahead if they argued they were trying to get the children off the reality show and that it was against their best interest. “These women would be in the drivers seat if they argued that the reality show was against the best interest of the children and this could lead to more custody and visitation.”

So while the women may not find many rights religiously, the law is certainly on their side.