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Listen up mama and papa Cyrus — your daughter Miley may be a big star but she’s still YOUR little girl and that means you need to be her parents.

And being her parents means you need to give her a curfew and stop her – an underage girl – from going to bars for 21 year-olds and up, and partying till all hours of the morning, like she did this past Thursday night, Sept.30, at Hollywood celeb hotspot, Voyeur.

Do the words — Lindsay Lohan — mean anything to you? Do you want your daughter to end up in jail and rehab with her career in the ruins?

Relatives of yours, who prefer to remain name-less, are already worried that Miley will become a trainwreak. “No one tells Miley no,” the source told “We’re concerned for her. She’s 17-years-old, but is the one who makes the money ($25 million in 2009) and she calls all the shots in the family,” the relative explained.

Now wonder they’re concerned –Miley behaves like she’s a woman in her 20’s, not an underage teen. Aside from the partying at clubs and bars in LA, Paris and Detroit, in the past month or so — she already has a long history of walking around flashing her bra and putting on PDA-filled live shows, including simulating a girl-on-girl kiss.

Would YOU want your 17-year-old — a junior in high school — to behave like this?

Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus shouldn’t want their daughter to be growing up and out of their control, either?

Billy Ray and Tish — you’re “making a tremendous mistake. Everyone needs boundaries, whether they are young or old. Young people need boundaries to set themselves up for the future — what’s ok and not ok,” points out Dr. Gilda Carle. “She thinks she can do anything because she is Miley Cyrus but no one can get away with anything. It caught up with Britney and Lindsay and it will catch up with her.”

Here’s what Billy Ray and Tish really need to think about. Miley will not legally be under their control for very much longer. If they don’t exert their influence very soon, that window may close. And they can’t fear killing the golden goose by telling her no. The golden goose is still their daughter and her long term well-being should be their biggest concern.

“Miley Cyrus is a bad girl in the making,” worries celebrity psychiatrist, Dr. Carole Lieberman. “Somewhere along the line, her parents stopped paying attention. They turned the other cheek, while Miley was turning hers around a strippers pole at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards.”

Dr. Lieberman believes that Miley’s parents are embracing “the misguided notion that being wild is her ticket to continued stardom, fame and fortune.”

That’s sad. Sorry Billy Ray and Tish, but your daughter needs to be tamed — it’s for her own good!

–Bonnie Fuller


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