LISTEN! Is Miley Cyrus' New Song, 'Giving You Up,' About Nick Jonas?

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Miley’s new song “Giving You Up” is one of her best yet, but the subject matter sounds like she’s still stuck on her past relationship with Nick Jonas!

Miley Cyrus‘ heart is an emotional roller coaster when it comes to Nick Jonas. She fell in love with him and he broke her heart. She dyed her hair black, dated underwear model Justin Gaston and wrote the songs “7 Things” and “Full Circle” about Nick to get over him. When that didn’t work out, she got back together with Nick. Their fling fizzled and she fell for her The Last Song costar Liam Hemsworth. For a while now, all has seemed right in the world for Miley, but now we’re questioning her happiness after hearing her new song, “Giving You Up.”

We don’t even need to question who the song is about. Out of Miley’s three serious boyfriends, her relationship with Nick is the one she has never been able to dominate. Justin Gaston seemed like more of a rebound, whose biggest claim to fame is being Miley’s one-time boyfriend. Plus, Liam is still in the picture as her hot arm candy of the moment. The 17-year-old has even said on more than one occasion that Nick was her first love and that maybe one day she’d end up marrying him.

Now with the release of  “Giving you Up,” it sounds like she’s leaving Nick behind for good. “You know my mind’s made up, this time. There’s no goin’ back to find what we had,” she sings. “And I know, there’s no light that’s left to shine. There’s no wrong and there’s no right. So enough. I’m givin’ you up.”

Ouch. That’s gotta pull at Nick’s heartstrings just a little, but we’re glad Miley is leaving her heartache behind!

Aimee Curran