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THE VOTES ARE IN! YOU Think Nick Jonas Will Be More Successful Than Joe!

Thu, September 30, 2010 9:50pm EDT by 1 Comment

We asked HollywoodLifers which Jonas brother is going to be the most successful and the results were shocking! Almost all of you are Team Nick!

Wow, there wasn’t even a contest! We asked HollywoodLifers which Jonas brother is going to have the more thriving career now that they are branching out on their own acting jobs and solo music gigs — and the votes were overwhelmingly in Nick’s favor. Between the comments on and our Facebook page, nearly 90% of you didn’t hesitate before picking 18-year-old Nick. Here are some of your thoughts:


“Over all, I would thnk Nick would be the most successful, because he is by far the most talented.

However, that said, Joe, seems to like the Hollywood scene. He is going for a more popular sound. He may not have the songwriter or musicianship skills that Nick does but a record label will buy that for you. Joe is a singer, not the best but in the right songs he has some good pipes. He is very good looking and he is not shy about showing it off. He is very funny and outgoing, a bit more that Nick who is more reserved and more business like. Joe seems like he may be an easier sell.

Acting wise, I just don’t know, they are average. They each have some good scenes but they have mostly played themselves. I haven’t seen Nick on Les Miz but he may change my mind.”


“I think they will both do well, but Nick is so much more driven in all areas especially with his career. Even with his health issues he stays ahead of the game. Joe enjoys relaxing & goofing off than Nick”


“it’s hard to say who will be more successful. i think they both nick and joe are talented and are very appealing and easy to sell. nick definitely has the musical talent to take the music scene by storm and i think joe can do very well in the acting arena, i’m not sure how he’ll do on the music scene solo – i’ll be able to better tell when his new album comes out”

When it comes to Nick and Joe — who do YOU think will thrive more in Hollywood?

–Kirstin Benson