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LAURA'S LOVE LIFE ADVICE: What YOU Should Do If Someone Tries To Steal Your Man!

Wed, September 29, 2010 6:52pm EDT by 21 Comments
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It’s been reported that Emma Watson has her eye on Kristen Stewart’s main man, Robert Pattinson. Although we’re sure Emma is too nice to be a man thief, here’s my advice on how to get rid of the competition!

Call it paranoia, trust issues or man-xiety, but when it comes to fearing the dreaded ‘man thief’, we’ve all been there, done that and paid for the T-shirt. At some point in time, we have ALL suspected that another woman might have designs on our dude — and 9 times out of 10, we’re right!

Unfortunately, confronting your man with your issues is NOT the right way to make sure you’re his one and only. Take this recent (and completely suspicious) report regarding our favorite Twilight couple, for example. Kristen Stewart is said to believe that Emma Watson is trying to “stealRobert Pattinson away; the two were rumored to be co-starring in the sultry indie film, Dark Arc. According to Heat magazine, the two gals are “at war” over Rob, 24. “Like all girls, ” the source said, “Kristen can be very jealous and possessive, and in her mind Emma poses a threat.”

If this were true, the very worst thing K-Stew could do would be to accuse R-Patz of cheating. You NEVER want to send like a jealous harpy! Hearing your fears — especially when there isn’t anything to worry about in the first place — are just going to drive him away.

Instead, I like to employ this trick: you BEFRIEND the girl in the question. She’ll never know what hit her, and she’ll start to feel guilty about attempting to steal your guy. I’d let someone else casually bring up “the other woman” as well. You may think you sound all loose, but my guess that is unless you’re an Oscar-winning actress, he’s going to sense that something is wrong with your tone.

And NEVER, EVER, EVER get drunk and call the man-thief! You may not remember it, but that call is going to haunt you for the rest of your life…or until the very bitter and quick end of your relationship, at least.


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