BONNIE SAYS: 'Sister Wives' Polygamist Husband Kody Brown — Country's Biggest Con Man & Bad Dad!

Kody Brown, ‘husband’ of four dopey women and father of 13, and the star of TLC’s new ‘Sister Wives’ show, is such a cute, friendly huggy-bear of a man, you can absolutely see how he could convince self-esteem-less women to feel lucky to join his harem.

Kody, 42, looks and sounds like a totally “awesome” surfer dude, who uses the word “awesome” a lot, and he dispenses hugs so freely that I would get a hug if I were in his vicinity… even after writing this.

But no matter what his four wives — three blondes and one brunette — say, they are getting “screwed,” both literally and figuratively. Kody gets to make the bed-rounds between his concubines (they have a schedule) so he can spread his body and sperm around. But come on — conventional one-to-one husbands and wives, with kids, get barely enough time to talk, get intimate and bond.

How much real bonding can you get with a husband whose time you share with three other women? And what if your one-quarter man is “tired” on “your “night? And how can one man — even as seemingly warm as Kody Brown — truly love four different women equally? How can there be absolutely no jealousy, rivalry and drama among these women? It’s just not possible – honestly, it goes against human nature. Or should I say, female nature. Any woman out there want to disagree?

The only way that his four wives — Meri, 39, Janelle, 40, Christine, 37, and Robyn, 31 — can possibly stand it, though they don’t admit it on the show and no doubt don’t even admit it to themselves, is that they don’t think they’re “worthy” of having a loving, devoted husband all to themselves.

Inside, they must feel like total zeros. That’s why they’re grateful to have, at best, a 25-percent-partner.

As for Kody, the advertising executive claims that it’s his “version” of the Mormon faith that led him to polygamy. That’s hogwash.

Kody, you’re just a horndog using religion to sleep with four different willing female bodies. No wonder you look like a “pig in s**t” — you are one! You’re thrilled that you conned four women into bedding you, cooking and cleaning for you — and bearing your children.

Your “faith” is hands-down disrespectful to women, since they are the multiples. If women could head a polygamist family and take multiple husbands, at least that wouldn’t be discriminatory.

And as for your children: You’re telling your daughters they should be handmaidens to a man like you, not deserving of a loving one-on-one relationship of equality with a man. And to your sons, you’re saying this: Either you can be the big man of your own house with multiple subservient women, or creepier yet, you are competition to me. What I mean is that a polygamist like Kody feels entitled to keep preying on, ahem, taking on new wives — most probably younger and younger ones, like fourth wife, Robyn.

At some point, he’ll be competing with his own sons for women. In many polygamist families, sons are tossed out once they become sexual competition to their fathers.

So Kody, you may look cuddly but what you’re spouting is a crock!

What do you think, ladies?

— Bonnie Fuller


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