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Lindsey Says: Brad Womack Should NOT Be 'The Bachelor' AGAIN! What A Bad Idea!

Fri, September 24, 2010 2:37pm EDT by 7 Comments
Courtesy Of ABC

Courtesy Of ABC

BRAD DOES NOT DESERVE A SECOND CHANCE! He blew it the first time around, so what makes ABC think that he will find his “true love” this time?

Though it has yet to be officially confirmed, rumor has it that season 11 Bachelor Brad Womack is returning for a second round on the all new season 15. My take: this is a BAD, BAD idea!

While Brad may have originally stolen the hearts of every female patron to the show the first time he appeared on television, if he returns for a second go, fans (including myself) are going to have some major bones to pick with ABC.

For those of you who don’t remember, Brad was the good looking Bachelor from Texas who embarked on season 11 in the hopes of finding “true love.” But when it came down to giving the final rose to one of the two remaining contestants — Jenni Croft and DeAnna Pappas — Brad bailed. Talk about commitment issues!

When Brad left the show single — and both Jenni and DeAnna heartbroken — America’s dream boy lost all credibility. He basically destroyed the meaning of the show — the idea that true love actually does exist — for all of it’s viewers!

So to hear that Brad may get a second chance really makes me mad. I have dedicated so much of my time to this show in the belief that it has the ability to help people find their soul mates — it gives me faith that romance and love are actual facts of life, not just fairytales. But if Brad returns, he is going to destroy this for me.

ABC, I really hope you guys didn’t sign Brad on again, because if you did, I can promise that your ratings are going to plummet. NO ONE wants to see Brad break any more hearts, especially ours!

BFFs — don’t you think it’s a horrible idea for Brad to be allowed to return as the season 15 Bachelor? He already had his chance and he blew it! Share your thoughts below and VOTE!

– Lindsey DiMattina


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