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Wow! Study Finds That One-Third Of Teen Moms Get Pregnant Again Within Two Years!

Thu, September 23, 2010 8:30am EDT by 1 Comment

Researchers found the majority of teen moms resumed having sex within three months of giving birth and 30 percent of them used no contraception at all.

You would think the struggles teen moms endure after giving birth — like juggling baby, work, school and relationships with their baby daddies (as detailed on MTV’s Teen Mom) — would discourage young mothers from having another baby so soon. Although raising a baby so young can turn some teen moms into raging lunatics, a new study shows that a third of all teen moms are having second babies shortly after giving birth to their first! Yikes!

A study published in the Medical Journal of Australia looks into what contributes to RRP, or Rapid Repeat Pregnancy, those teenage mothers who get pregnant again within two years of giving birth. The study found that although the 150 moms who took part in the research got pregnant as teens, they still were not consistent with their contraception use after giving birth to their babies.

Researchers found that a clear majority of these teens had resumed having sex just three months after giving birth and a third of them reported using no contraception! A total of 33% of the young mothers got pregnant again within two years — and two were even pregnant again within six weeks!

This study also delivered shocking news about the way these moms are endangering their babies’ health! There were high levels of cigarette, alcohol and marijuana use found among the teen moms, and although their alcohol and marijuana use dropped during their follow-up pregnancy, “rates of cigarette smoking remained high.”