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LAURA SAYS: Thank God 'Breaking Dawn' Isn't Being Shot In 3-D!

Wed, September 22, 2010 2:33pm EDT by 2 Comments

There’s been a ton of speculation as to whether or not the final Twilight films would be made in 3-D and luckily for us all, Summit Entertainment is erring on the side of caution!

Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU, Bill Condon! I’m stoked that I’ll finally be able to ENJOY the final Twilight installments, Breaking Dawn parts 1 & 2  now that you’ve confirmed the movie won’t be shot in 3-D. Seriously, I probably would have thrown up if Bella’s birthing scene had gotten any more visual!

Yes, there are some moments that would have been way hotter in 3-D — like the uber-sexy scene where Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Edward (Robert Pattinson) finally lose their V-cards; he’s so into it he even destroys a pillow! That said, no amount of sexy time could make up for the agony of seeing a half-vampire/half-human baby gnaw it’s way out of Bella’s stomach or seeing her body twisted in agony as baby Renesmee cracks her spine! UGH.

Apparently K-Stew agrees with me! “I don’t think that should be [in 3-D],” the 20-year-old actress told MTV News. “You don’t want [Edward and Bella’s baby] Renesmee to be scary. You don’t want her to fly into your face.”

Taylor Lautner, 18, was understandably wary of shooting the movie in 3-D, saying, “Usually, 3-D is best when it takes you into another world. I could see it going both ways. As long as we have the story line down and as long as we bring what was written on the pages in the book to life, then we’ll be fine no matter what we do.”

Kristen’s boyfriend R-Patz just didn’t get the 3-D thing, so he isn’t going to suffer from a lack of visuals. “The 3-D thing confuses me,” the 24-year-old has said. “I haven’t seen Avatar or any of these other 3-D movies yet. I remember 3-D from when I was a kid, and I can just picture it giving me a headache.”

A headache is MUCH more preferable than throwing up from a gruesome pregnancy scene though, wouldn’t you say?


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