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'Raising Sextuplets' Dad Cries: 'I'm Not A Criminal!' But The 911 Calls Tell A TOTALLY Different Story! He Went Nuts!

Wed, September 22, 2010 10:21am EDT by 1 Comment

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Jennifer Masche’s father made three panicked calls to police the day his son-in-law was arrested, and the audio tapes reveal the true horror of what happened as an out-of-control Bryan loaded his car with three of his sleeping children, along with four guns.

Dramatic audio tapes of three 911 calls made to police on the day Raising Sextuplets dad Bryan Masche got into a domestic disagreement with his wife Jennifer Masche reveal that the situation was totally out of control on Sept. 11 when the reality star was arrested on domestic violence charges. Bryan was trying to load three of the kids into his car — along with four guns — and Jennifer’s dad feared that Bryan could harm them or use them as a bargaining tool in a divorce filing!

Bryan told RadarOnline yesterday that he wants the world to know: “I’m not a criminal!” but the tapes reveal a man who had clearly snapped, grabbing his sleeping children out of their beds, packing them into a Ford minivan, along with FOUR guns, snatching his wife’s cell phone out of her hand and threatening to hit his father-in-law!

HollyMoms, here are the details of the three 911 calls placed by Jennifer’s father. It’s hard to read them and not feel horrified and scared for the couple’s 3-year-old sextuplets.

Call 1:

Father-in-law: There’s an issue going on right now that if I call you back, we might need some help with. My son-in-law and my daughter are having difficulties and he’s in Lake Havasu and has six kids at home. He’s loading up three of the kids right now and I think it’s kind of like a leverage or what not. They are talking right now, but he’s kind of, you know, in one of those frames of mind.

911 operator: OK.

Father-in-law: I’m just a little apprehensive.

911 operator: Alright. It hasn’t been physical or anything like that?

Father-in-law: No, it’s all verbal, but she doesn’t want him to leave because if he takes three, then apparently and then he files or whatever happens and she’s got three kids here three kids there, all of a sudden it becomes a bargaining tool. They should be with their mother.

911 operator: OK. But everything is OK right now? They’re just talking?

Father-in-law: He just loaded guns and what not in the back of his van. He’s had 8 years of being a cop according to him.

Call 2:

911 operator: Camp Verde Marshal’s Office, this is Mary.

Father-in-law: Mary, can you send an officer over here?

911 operator: Everything OK or is it just verbal or?

Father-in-law: [Scream in background] He stole her cell phone just now. [Pause — then directed at Bryan] You’re going there tomorrow. [Phone hangs up]

Call 3:

911 operator: OK, I’m getting them on the way. Is he still there?

Father-in-law: Yeah, but he’s starting to load one of them. He just took her out of the bed. He’s got her there in the back of the van.

Father-in-law: Bryan come on, come one. Yeah I did.

Bryan: Yeah he did. [Some more commentary that can’t be made out.]

Father-in-law: Do it. That would be the next thing.

Bryan: I’ll f***ing flatten you old man.

Jennifer: Bryan, Bryan!

Father-in-law: Listen, see this is the attitude. This is the reason why I don’t want you in the car with the kids.

[Kid crying in background.]

Bryan: Is she f***ing kidding us?

[Jennifer yelling in background but can’t make out what she is saying.]

Bryan: I don’t have … right now … You f***ing worthless …

Father-in-law: No. No I don’t.

911 operator: Sir, I want you to stay on the phone with me right now.

Bryan: She doesn’t show it!

Father-in-law: I’m worried about your kids, Bryan.

911 operator: Is he still there?

Father-in-law: Yeah, he’s still there!

The call ended abruptly. Police soon arrived on the scene, Bryan resisted arrest and was forced to lie on the ground and threatened with a Taser. To hear the 911 audio tapes, go to