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WATCH! Hollywood Industry Insiders Say Hiring Lindsay Lohan Is Project Suicide!

Tue, September 21, 2010 5:43am EDT by 2 Comments
Loading video... consulted with directors, producers and screenwriters throughout LA and they all agree on one thing — Lindsay Lohan is more of a liability now than ever before!

After her stint in jail, rehab and now potentially jail AGAIN, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell that Lindsay Lohan is not the most desirable actress in Hollywood right now. In fact, consulted with entertainment industry insiders from several facets of the business — including producer, casting director and creator of BigIsGood.TV, Lauren Lloyd — who all concluded the same thing: Lindsay Lohan is not even worth trying to insure for a film.

“If I wanted her badly enough, I’d definitely try to insure her, but I don’t know if you could find anybody to do it,” one feature film director told us. “I don’t even think I could if I wanted to.”

Another director and screenwriter agreed, when we asked about the odds of Lindsay, 24, landing her next big project after everything she’s gone through in the last year.

“She could have an overdose in the middle of filming, go into rehab, or do a hundred other things. Who knows?” our insider said, explaining, “But if you are halfway through a movie, and suddenly she’s unavailable, that’s many many millions lost. And why would an insurance company take that bet without serious compensation? I wouldn’t.”

Not only are Hollywood insiders leery of hiring Lindsay because of her addictions, they are beginning to question her talent as well.

“There are far too many talented young actresses that you can count on and respect to risk a film on Lindsay,” another producer told us. “I think Celebrity Rehab is about the only thing I would put her in.”

Do YOU think Lindsay Lohan will make a comeback?

–Kirstin Benson