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Farrah Vs. Amber! Which 'Teen Mom' Do YOU Think Is A Bigger Brat?

Wed, September 15, 2010 5:17pm EDT by Andy Swift 28 Comments
Courtesy of MTV (2)

Courtesy of MTV (2)

Amber ignores her daughter and swears to her face, while Farrah is totally ungrateful for her family’s help!

A lot happened on the Sept. 14 episode of MTV’s Teen Mom, but if there’s one thing we can ALL agree on it’s that Amber and Farrah both need a serious attitude adjustment! Amber spent the better part of the hour ignoring baby Leah when she cried, and screaming at fiancé Gary. At one point, she even started dropping the F-bomb — in front of Leah! Unacceptable. Meanwhile, Farrah’s brattiness reached new heights as she snapped at her parents because their car broke down on the way to the zoo — like it was their fault!

Here’s what our readers had to say about Amber and Farrah on our Facebook page! (Comments have been edited for length and clarity):

  1. Rene M: Amber is rotten! Shame on her! Abusive people suck! If she beats her man, she’s going to beat the children, too!
  2. Laura E: I couldn’t believe how bratty Farrah was being to her parents all because their car broke down on her birthday!
  3. Steja R: Amber wants to be a queen and she treats everyone like crap. She did lose weight, though, and she looks good now.