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Lindsay, Follow These Steps From Life Coaches & We KNOW You Can Go From Train Wreck, To A-List Star!

Wed, August 25, 2010 4:00pm EDT by Add first Comment


Lindsay, you keep getting in the way of your own success…but we consulted with three life coaches who say if you take the next couple of months to get back in touch with your goals, you’ll be back to your old (young) self in no time at all!

Time after time, Lindsay Lohan throws herself under a figurative bus, and we’re sick to death of watching one of Hollywood’s most talented young actresses consistently get in her own way by making HORRIFIC choices. Now that the 24-year-old starlet is free from jail and rehab, it’s time for her to finally get her life back on track — and consulted with three experts who all explain how Lindsay can return to her prime with a little soul-searching (and even a little arts-and-crafts) during her three months of supervised probation.

Step 1: Stay away from work:

  • Her body is going to go through changes. She’s been on Adderall for more than 10 years. She’s been abusing it for a long time. She should go back to work, but not now. She should get back into the world slowly. —Los Angeles-based addiction and anger management expert, Marty Brenner
  • It seems like she’s had no peace – that she doesn’t even know what “calm” looks like. Before getting back to work, I would encourage her to create a sanctuary – figuratively and literally – so she can peacefully explore who she is and create a vision for her life as a young woman and as a talented artist. —Celebrity life coach and founder of RockYourLifeCoaching, Sherri Ziff Lester
  • Lindsay should take this time for self evaluation, self discovery and getting back in touch with her core needs and core values — and from that place, she can make some self-honoring choices. —Teen girl life coach, Jess Berger

Step 2: Get back in touch with your goals:

  • She needs to get back in touch with what she wants to do. She’s grown up in the spotlight and it’s easy to lose yourself in that environment. –Jess Berger
  • Many people who become famous so young miss out on developing an inner core, a soul compass that keeps us on track and away from negative influences, life tools like structure and focus. I would encourage her to stay out of the media whirlwind and focus on developing an inner core. –Sherri Ziff Lester
  • Vision boarding is great. It’s literally creating a collage of all these images of things you want to bring into your life. Having that tool is a really powerful tool to keep you on track. –Jess Berger

Step 3: Gain back confidence in yourself!

  • Right now she should focus on taking small daily steps to getting to her goals. In completing small daily action steps toward her goals, she will begin to build up her self worth again. —Jess Berger
  • Lindsay should eat right, go to yoga and do all the healthy things she can for three months. She should be working on her craft — she should be acting classes. It gives her something to do, gives her a purpose. To jump into the pressure of a movie right now is ridiculous. —Marty Brenner

Of course, we understand it’s going to take a strong support system, as well as intense psychotherapy for Lindsay to truly get back in the game, but easier things, such as going to the gym and setting new goals for her life, might finally make a difference. We just want the old Lindsay back!

Lindsay, we’re pulling for you (again) — please don’t let your fans, or most importantly, yourself, down!