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EXCLUSIVE! Jen Aniston Is Back At Work On 'Horrible Bosses' & Not Worried Over 'The Switch' Box Office Bomb!

Tue, August 24, 2010 12:42pm EDT by 9 Comments
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Jennifer isn’t letting her latest film flop bother her — she knows The Switch‘s poor reviews will be forgotten by the time the film her latest film, Horrible Bosses, comes out next July!

Poor Jennifer Aniston hasn’t had the best box office luck lately. Because her latest flick, The Switch, pulled in a paltry $8.1 million over the weekend, she’s now taking heat for playing the same character in lame movies over and over again. But is Jen concerned that her place on the A-list is in jeopardy?

The answer: nope!  “Jen and Jason Bateman [both co-star in The Switch AND Horrible Bosses] aren’t showing any scars from their box office bomb. They are not wearing it on their shoulders, they’re move-forward kind of people,” an on-set insider tells exclusively. “It was back to business on-set as usual Monday morning, they aren’t even mentioning it.”

Continues the source, “Producers and directors talked about it briefly – not in front of Jen and Jason, of course – but are confident that The Switch isn’t going to have any direct effects on their film. The Switch is being treated like a bump in the road and will be forgotten by the time Horrible Bosses reaches theaters [on July 29, 2011].”

From the sound of it, the two films are as different as chalk and cheese; both co-star Jen and Jason and both are considered to be ‘comedies’ – but the similarities end there. In The Switch, Jen plays Kassie Larson, a woman who opts for artificial insemination when she’s ready for a baby but has no man. In Horrible Bosses – a dark comedy – she plays Dr. Julia Harris, one of three ‘horrible bosses’ that frustrated pals Jason Sudeikis, Jason Bateman and Charlie Day are trying to murder. The flick is even R-rated…hallelujah!

If Bosses doesn’t do as well as planned, at least we should give Jen, 41, points for trying something new; Bosses doesn’t sound like her typical bland romantic comedy fare. If THAT doesn’t work out, she also has her new directing career to fall back on! As we told you yesterday, she’ll be making her directorial debut with the 2011 film Counter-Clockwise, about a psychologist who tries to reverse the aging process by making her patients believe they’re younger.

Jen, we like your attitude! After all, as Scarlett O’Hara once said, “tomorrow is another day!”

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