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EXCLUSIVE EYEWITNESS REPORT! How Lindsay Lohan Snuck Out Of Rehab!

Tue, August 24, 2010 10:57pm EDT by 2 Comments


Lindsay Lohan vanished like Houdini from UCLA Medical Center Aug. 24 — and we know how she did it!

Lindsay Lohan went to incredible efforts to sneak out of UCLA Medical Center this evening — and as you can read from this eyewitness report, it was truly a military operation to get the 24-year-old actress out of rehab without anyone seeing.

“UCLA Medical Center was surrounded by various press outlets,” our eyewitness tells exclusively. “I was located on the fourth floor, where Lindsay was staying. Two police officers with a Manila envelope walked in and turned the corner. Downstairs in the lobby there were at least six cops with walkie talkies and a plain clothed security guard running the show. They all scattered to different locations of the lobby and just shortly before 5:45 p.m., the entire walkie talkie patrol started barking commands, saying, ‘Met check point — clear.’ This happened a few times. I would say I heard it officially three different times.”

And just like that, the most dished about celeb in Hollywood had checked out of rehab.

“As quickly as the contained madness occurred, it subsided and every officer disappeared as if nothing happened at all,” our source dishes. “I didn’t see her leave, no one did. They got her out the best and most secret way I have ever seen…or didn’t see for that matter.”

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