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Bonnie Says: Kim Kardashian's Neat Freakout On 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians' was Hilarious! Did YOU see it?

Mon, August 23, 2010 1:08pm EDT by 1 Comment
Courtesy of E!

Courtesy of E!

Kim Kardashian — you are clearly channeling your Reggie Bush ex anger into obsessing over spotlessness in your new house!

The first episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians showed us a new side of Kim Kardashian — Clean Queen.

Thankfully Kim kept her clothes on the entire episode and instead entertained us by ordering shoe racks and special ropes to keep her housewarming guests from tarnishing the floors in her new mansion. She wanted to demand that the guests remove their shoes at the door so they wouldn’t tarnish her floors, and didn’t want anyone wandering on her lawn in case their heels punched holes in her grass. Oy vey!

By the way — what Kim really should be worried about is the fact her new castle echos. If anything, she needs to muck it up with friends, family, furniture, stray animals — anything to make her mansion a home, not a mausoleum! The cupcake brawl that erupts at her party, is a start.

Then there was meanie younger sister Khloe who took in Kourtney and baby Mason after the implosion of her relationship with Scott. There may be plenty of room for Kourtney and Mason in Khloe and Lamar‘s palatial home — this entire family lives in homes, the size of a NYC block — but there’s no welcome mat out for Scott.

Khloe drives Kourtney out by not allowing Scott to even pull into the driveway — with his “negative energy.” Poor homeless Kourtney is forced to flee to Kim’s.She’s the Bristol Palin of the Kardashian family!

But the good news for Kim is — now maybe with Kourtney and Mason moving in there (in their stocking feet) her new house will stop echoing!

–Bonnie Fuller


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