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The Drama Has Officially Started On 'Bachelor Pad!' We Break Down The Most Controversial Contestants!

Tue, August 10, 2010 1:57pm EDT by Add first Comment
Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Love, lust, and DRAMA — what more would you expect from the Bachelors and Bachelorettes competing on Bachelor Pad for $250,000! Two are already out, and there are 17 more to go!

The first two players are out of the game on Bachelor Pad! Michelle Kujawa and Juan Barbieri were the first two people to be sent home on last night’s Aug. 9 premiere episode. There’s no question why these two were given the boot. Michelle was still crazier than ever when she physically threatened Tenley Molzahn by slamming her shut in the bathroom. Juan, on the other hand, broke poor Nikki Kappke‘s heart and the other gals in the house just weren’t having it. The lines have clearly been drawn, and now we know who’s got whose back!

Here are the people you should watch out for this season:

Hot Hookups:

Natalie Getz and Jesse Beck: They already made their attraction known on the first episode when we saw them kissing and cuddling in bed.

Tenley Molzahn and Kiptyn Locke: “If he was to make a move, I’d definitely explore that,” Tenley said.

Dramatic Duos:

Jonathan Novack and Craig McKinnon: These two have had it out for each other since they competed for Ali Fedotowsky‘s love on The Bachelorette season 6. “I really hope Craig is not here. He’s an alcoholic and completely out of shape. He’s not competition. Having Craig in the house is a serious issue,” Jonathan said before Craig arrived. Unfortunately, Craig won the first challenge and will be back for episode 2.

Elizabeth Kitt and Jesse Kovacks: These two have been “hooking up and seeing each other” for three months prior to going on the show. Elizabeth claims to be “literally in love” with Jesse and says that he doesn’t feel the same way in return. Jesse just seems to be dragged along by Elizabeth’s evil plan.

Soon to be Singled Out:

Krisily Kennedy: She has made herself known as an enemy to the guys by calling out David Good and Jesse Kovacs as the ones who should have been sent home. Since the guys vote the women off, she better watch her words during the next episode. She needs to get in good with the guys once more.

Safe To Go:

Gia Allemand: The guys think she is the most beautiful of the bunch!

Drama Roundup from Episode 1:

  1. Tenley cries after Michelle threatens her in the bathroom
  2. Natalie and Jesse Beck hookup
  3. Craig M. wins first challenge of Twister and makes a pact with Jessie Sulidis. He brings her on the first date and gives her the rose. They are the first two safe.
  4. Juan tries to apologize to Nikki for the way he’s treated her. It backfires and he gets sent home.
  5. Elizabeth manipulates Jesse Kovacks with words of love. She threatens that he will be sent home if he isn’t nicer to her. He agrees and loses all his manhood. (He needs to stick up to this girl!)

— Lindsey DiMattina