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Whoopi Goldberg Explains Her Backstage Bust-Up with Obama Crashers: 'I Really Went Off' After Being Provoked by Michaele,

Thu, August 5, 2010 12:15pm EDT by 9 Comments
Courtesy of ABC

Courtesy of ABC

Whoopi just told ‘The View’ her side of the story: “I really went off” after both Michaele and Tareq Salahi got in her face backstage.

In fact, Whoopi says Tareq started taking pictures of her arguing with his wife on his Blackberry, and that’s when she unleashed some “choice words … so choice, in fact, that you could’ve cut ’em with a knife and eaten them.”
Michaele Salahi shot to fame as part of the couple who allegedly party crashed the White House’s state dinner. Now she is part of the Real Housewives of D.C. and trying to get publicity by claiming that View co-host Whoopi Goldberg hit her!!!

The incident that Michaele Salahi has blown out of proportion involves Whoopi Goldberg coming in from off stage and saying something inaudible to Salahi during her interview, which Goldberg later said was along the lines of move on, let’s talk about crashing the White House. Salahi later accused Goldberg of hitting her.

After the show finished taping, Goldberg, according to the Salahis’ attorney, Lisa Bloom, screamed at the reality star: “I didn’t f—cking hit you! Did you say I f—cking hit you?”

“She was screaming and dropping the F-bomb many, many times,” Bloom told The Daily Beast exclusively.

Bloom also said the the women of The View were mean to Salahi in general.

“I think they treated her horribly. I think they defamed her. I was really shocked by the way she was treated. It’s one thing to ask tough questions, it’s another to use defamatory language when you’ve been warned not to,” Bloom said.

Throughout the segment, the women of The View consistently asked Salahi to answer their questions instead of dodging them, particularly about an incident where her husband Tariq threw wine at another Real Housewives cast member.

Michaele dodged most of the questions, telling the women they would have to read her upcoming book. Co-host Joy Behar finally rolled her eyes and said, “I don’t want to buy your book.”

What do you guys think? Is Michaele Salahi making these outrageous claims against Whoopi Goldberg just to get more publicity? Will you be tuning into Bravo’s new Real Housewives?

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