WE TOLD YOU FIRST: Mel Gibson Is A Great Dad & It's Time To Stop Tearing Him Apart!

BauerGriffin.com, SplashNews.com
BauerGriffin.com, SplashNews.com

Another source reaffirmed what HollywoodLife.com told you last week — Mel Gibson is a loving father and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t see his children!

Mel Gibson might be a cheating alcoholic with anger management issues, but he is ALSO a good dad. Another insider has come out to confirm what we told you last week: the LA Department of Children and Family Services thinks the 54-year-old actor is a perfectly fit parent and there’s no reason for him to lose visitation rights of his eight-month-old daughter, Lucia.

“[Mel and Lucia] have a very healthy father-daughter relationship,” an insider told RadarOnline about the DCFS investigation. “He is very involved with her. Mel is a great father to her and this is why there have been no changes as far as his visits with her are concerned.”

A source within the DCFS spoke to HollywoodLife.com exclusively and told us, yet again, that the Braveheart actor isn’t a danger to his children.

“As I said before, if DCFS feels the child is in immediate danger, we act on it. Lucia is not in immediate danger,” the insider told us, explaining, “Mel’s case certainly isn’t closed, but we don’t feel a need to step in and make drastic changes.”

Isn’t it obvious Mel isn’t a bad dad? He has SEVEN kids with his ex-wife of 29 years, Robyn, who range in ages from eleven to 29; all have supported their father, saying he is a great dad.

In fact, Robyn wrote a declaration on Mel’s behalf to the judge handling Lucia’s custody, describing her former husband as a “wonderful and loving” father.

Mel certainly has problems, but we can’t fault him for being a crummy dad, and neither should you.


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