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Yikes! Simon Cowell Wants to Have Kids. What Kind of Dad Do You Think He'll Be?

Thu, July 22, 2010 2:13pm EDT by Add first Comment


The former American Idol judge is engaged and reportedly wants to have kids. But should we fear for the children of the King of Mean?

It certainly has been a big year for Simon Cowell. He’s engaged, has left American Idol and now we hear he’s planning to become a father! According to a report in UK’s Closer magazine, Simon’s fiancee, Mezhgan Hussainy, is “not prepared to wait much longer.” A pal says, Mezghan “will start trying before the end of the year and that Simon is up for it.”

The surprising part of this news is not that the couple will be trying soon, but rather that they’ll be trying at all. The 50-year-old TV mogul has said in the past that he didn’t want to be a dad, telling Jay Leno, “Um, I’m kind of torn, because I’m a bit too old to have kids, but then again, I think it would be important to have a lot me’s around.”

Still, Mezhgan isn’t taking any chances. With the summer wedding postponed, she won’t waste any time moving on to the next “project.” “Mezhgan thinks he’ll be a great dad,” says the pal, “but she’s worried he might change his mind about wanting a baby, as he was so anti the idea before.”

OK, are we the only ones who are a little worried about the idea of Simon Cowell having children? The supercritical American Idol judge hardly seems like the nurturing type who’s going to rough house with his kids and be a fabulous dad. But if he ever does get down to the dirty business of changing diapers, we can already predict what we’ll hear him yelling as he stands over the changing table: “That was appalling!”

Tell us: Do you think Simon Cowell would be a good dad?


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