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Sarah Palin is a Bad Mom! She’s Refusing to Attend Her Daughter Bristol’s Wedding

Wed, July 21, 2010 1:00pm EDT by 4 Comments
Sarah Palin is a Bad Mom! She’s Refusing to Attend Her Daughter Bristol’s Wedding

The self-proclaimed Mama Grizzly could take a lesson or two from bears on how they treat their cubs!

Another day, another reason to be outraged by Sarah Palin! Popeater is reporting that the former Governor of Alaska is refusing to attend her daughter Bristol’s upcoming wedding to Levi Johnston.

“Bristol is very upset about her mother’s decision and hopes her dad, Todd, will be able to change her mind,” a source says.

How many more examples do we need to prove that Sarah Palin is hardly a candidate for Mother of the Year? What kind of parent refuses to attend her daughter’s wedding, regardless of how she feels about the groom?

Perhaps Sarah needs to trek into the wilds of her beloved Alaska, put down her shotgun and spend a little time observing how mama grizzly bears actually treat their offspring.

Mama grizzlies are involved parents and spend years rearing their young. They are very protective of their cubs (a quality Sarah shares), and spend their time teaching their cubs all the skills they need to survive in the world (Sarah, on the other hand, never had a talk with Bristol about birth control before the teen became pregnant).

But there’s something that I couldn’t find online while researching grizzlies today. I didn’t see any reports of grizzlies turning on their young or going out of their way to hurt them.

So, Mrs. Palin, that’s something to think about next time you proudly proclaim that you’re a Mama Grizzly Bear.

— Kathy Campbell

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